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Faye wong

12] faye faye wong wong party mix 6. 08] coming home 10. only compilations with new tracks, special packaging, or other notable features will be listed. 06] feng cong na li lai ( 風從哪裡來; where does the wind come from? much of this information is taken straight from wikipedia. faye wong from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for other uses, see faye wong ( disambiguation). 09] fei mai pin ( 菲賣品; faye ( not) for sale) 5. 05] zi bin ( 自便; help yourself) 09] sap maan go wa. early in her career she briefly used the stage name shirley wong. [ 1991] shirley once more 3.

in this chinese name, the family name is wong ( wang). 4m views10 years ago cc albums & singles 1 我和我的祖国 ( 同名电影主题曲) 王菲 view full playlist 10 綠島小夜曲 紫薇, 黃海霞, 王菲 view full playlist. 02] zui fei ( 最菲; faye best) 4. money back guarantee! faye wong was born on august the 8th in 1969. 06] fen shou ( faye wong 分手; parting) 5. 06] everything 8.

[ 1987] zhen zang ji ( 珍藏集; faye wong collection) 2. due to her paternal grandfather' s role as a congressman, the wang side of the family was persecuted during the chinese cultural revolution. 07] deng li jun gu xiang qing ( 鄧麗君故鄉情; theresa teng' s hometown love) 6. 11] wong ching man ( 王靖雯; shirley wong) 7. 03] mi ren de ka le ( 迷人的卡勒; enchanting kaler) 2. 5 hours ago · faye wong is a hong kongese singer, songwriter, and actress who is widely regarded as one of east asia’ s greatest pop stars. 04] mi ren xiao jie ( 迷人小姐; miss charm) 4. see full list on fayewong. 05] wang fei yin yue he ( 王菲音樂盒; faye* instrumen. 12] yu foong ( 如風; like wind) 2.

02] wun geoi ( 玩具; toy) 5. faye wong official channel 6. faye wong fans like to call themselves " fayenatics". this term " fayenatics" derived from a popular internet mailing list back in 1997. 09] fei gan qing sheng huo ( 菲感情生活; life) 7. at the age of 15, several. as faye has an exhaustive collection of compilations, this is not meant to be a complete list. free shipping available.

02] zap mai bat fui ( 執迷不悔; no regrets) 11. during childhood, as a past time, she sang chinese songs and later developed a growing talent and interest in the field of music. hayvanlar kaç yıl yaşar. any help rewriting this section would be appreciated. ) faye was originally named xia lin, adopting her mother' s maiden name. faye wong ( born xia lin on 8 august 1969) is a hong kong singer- songwriter and actress, often referred to as the " diva of asia". chinese compilations. her mother was a singer and her father a mining engineer. in a career spanning more than 30 years, she has released 20 studio albums and recorded songs in several languages including mandarin, cantonese, japanese, french, and english. 09] jat jan fan sik loeng gok ( 一人分飾兩角; one person, two roles) 4.

7m views7 years ago 王菲 - 但願人長久 ( 官方版mv) 福茂唱片 6. some of the members of the mailing list recorded a double disc album called " fayenatics - the album", which faye wong received a copy of, as she mentioned in an interview with cnn the following year. 12] you' re the only one 9.

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